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Rockman Classic: Grape Juice
Blinking once again, Rock stared down at the little note that he had found stuck to the window of his room.
Meet me at hilltop between Dr. Light's lab and Symphony City at 6:00 this evening. I want to talk to you. I'll be leaving S behind.

Well, it couldn't hurt, could it? Rock felt pretty sure that he knew who this person was. He knew two people with the first initial Q, and one considered him a rival, and the other one was probably even more worried about Rock dying than Rock himself. And besides, who was Rock to pass up the chance of talking to this particular person?
Even if Roll did call it "fraternizing with the enemy," and Blues called it "information gathering."
So that was how, at 6:00 pm, Rock Light, also known as Rockman the Blue Bomber, found himself walking through the woods outside Symphony City to where the hilltop was located. In his hand was a juice-box -- he had figured he might get a little thirsty, and had brought a second one just in case.
However, ju
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Rockman Classic: Quint's CD
“Ah ha! Got it!” Rockman shouted triumphantly as he held up the elusive CD that Rush had dug up. Ever since Dr. Light had realized there were still some missing CDs in the various areas the Robot Masters had taken over, Rockman had taken it upon himself to recover all of the ones that he and Forte had missed (there was no use asking Forte; the latter had run back to Dr. Wily). The CD that Rock had just found had been buried near a train in MagicMan’s stage.
“Least I didn’t miss the train,” Rock quipped as he hopped back down onto the train. “Hey Roll, are there anymore CDs in this area?”
“Let’s see here…” Roll checked her equipment back at the lab. “Nope, that’s the last one there. You can come back now.”
“Alright!” Rockman said as he teleported out of the amusement park and back to the lab. But unfortunately, Dr. Light wasn’t in the lab.
Rock glanced over the CD as he sat on a chair, waiting for
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MEGATALE :iconlilac-vrt-olligoci:Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci 27 18 Many personalities :icongeneral-radix:General-RADIX 86 16
Mature content
Megaman Crossover: X - MMBN :iconcynder-spyro-freak:cynder-spyro-freak 8 12
Mega Man and the Dark Chips 1
     "Okay. Open your eyes." Protoman said. I was very confused, but I did as he said.
     "W-Where ARE we!?" I gasped.
     He laughed and said, "Surprised, Mega Man? It's an ancient city that was wiped out some time ago. Back then, they didn't have robots, but little digital people instead." I was shocked that such a thing could even exist. Digital people? I hadn't even thought about the fact that robots didn't used to exist.
     "Wow..." I said, walking further into the huge wasteland. "I wonder what it was like... Hey, what's this place called?"
     "Hey, I just found it, how am I supposed to know that?" Protoman said, testily.
     "Oh, uh... I dunno... Hey, what's that?" I asked, picking up a purple chip.
     "Only one way to find out, right?" He answered. So I opened my buster and placed the chip inside
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What a Beautiful Night :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 74 52 Protoman Days 6 - Warranted :icongeneral-loki:General-Loki 41 56


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