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Megaman/woman Cosplay! (OLD) by Estefanoida Megaman/woman Cosplay! (OLD) :iconestefanoida:Estefanoida 15 7 Kidnapped by myself by Estefanoida Kidnapped by myself :iconestefanoida:Estefanoida 13 29 Misunderstanding by Estefanoida Misunderstanding :iconestefanoida:Estefanoida 20 0 SCr : Brotherly love by whitmoon SCr : Brotherly love :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 80 25 Midnight Sparkle (EG Friendship Games spoiler) by thegreatrouge Midnight Sparkle (EG Friendship Games spoiler) :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 316 15 Gift Cyber X by DarkxZero23 Gift Cyber X :icondarkxzero23:DarkxZero23 149 65
Mega AU: 100 Themes Re-Up [1-50]
1. Introduction
Grandmother looked fairly pleased at Mega Man X that afternoon. With her were eight Reploids, no two the same size or shape- two of which were more animalistic than humanoid.
“Are you sure that these are the Reploids the Mother Elf chose?” X questioned, although he knew full well that Grandmother would never lie about such a thing.
“I saw her kiss them myself, sweetie.” Grandmother agreed with a wide smile. “These are the Reploids that she wanted to be part of your judgment council.”
X shifted, still not assured at this. The eight Reploids remained in their row, looking back at Neo Arcadia's leader with a stillness deemed uncanny for humans.
“Would it help you if I introduced them to you?” Grandmother then offered kindly. X looked over at her and gave a small, timid nod.
“Please…?” he requested, to which Grandmother only offered another kind smile.
2. Freedom
Fogginess, that's all Mega Man c
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mosty megaman art dump by Nyaph mosty megaman art dump :iconnyaph:Nyaph 90 40 ...Reflection inside... by Estefanoida ...Reflection inside... :iconestefanoida:Estefanoida 173 37 SSB4 Mega Man alternate costumes 1 by Estefanoida SSB4 Mega Man alternate costumes 1 :iconestefanoida:Estefanoida 204 42 Color Palette Copy by SunlessVoidx Color Palette Copy :iconsunlessvoidx:SunlessVoidx 51 6 Blue Bomber by SunlessVoidx Blue Bomber :iconsunlessvoidx:SunlessVoidx 23 8
Evidence Chapter 1 (Mighty no. 9 fanfiction)
Beck panicked as he rushed through the stands. What in the world is happening? Almost all the contestants are going crazy!  As he rushed, The Other Mighty Numbers worked to hold off the crazed robots from attacking the crowd. However, one robot managed to fire a rocket. Aviator tried to stop it, but he missed it by a few meters.
“Oh no ladies and gentlemen! This isn’t good!” Aviator cried. The rocket moved too fast for him to catch up. Beck noticed the rocket and went from running to dashing. His body became xel-like. He was glowing turquoise and hovering quickly along the ground.
A young twelve year old girl with long orange hair, medium skin, hazel fox ears and tail, and a periwinkle summer dress and white leggings; sat in the stands looking down, completely oblivious to the chaos around her. This is who Beck was rushing to. She twiddled her thumbs and sniffed slightly. Beck was near her.
“Hey you!” Beck cried. The girl looked up. Her bl
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Copy Megaman by KGN-000 Copy Megaman :iconkgn-000:KGN-000 56 1 MegaMan by ChanMan97 MegaMan :iconchanman97:ChanMan97 8 5 RUSHINGRUSHINGRUSHING by BluesPikmin RUSHINGRUSHINGRUSHING :iconbluespikmin:BluesPikmin 30 46


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